Denso develops pedestrian collision detection sensor


Denso Corp has developed a pedestrian collision detection sensor for the Pop-up Hood. The new sensor more precisely detects head-on collisions between vehicles and pedestrians, enabling the Pop-up Hood to operate more accurately.

“The new sensor technology uses a structure that can more accurately detect head-on collisions, regardless of where the collision takes place on the front bumper,” said Hiroyuki Wakabayashi, executive director responsible for Denso’s Information & Safety Systems Business Group.

In the conventional Pop-up Hood, several acceleration sensors are installed along the front bumper. However, detection by acceleration sensors varies depending on which part of the front bumper collides with a pedestrian.

Denso’s new sensor consists of two pressure sensors and a hollow polyethylene housing that is installed across the entire front bumper and conformed to the bumper’s internal shape. In a head-on vehicle/pedestrian collision, these pressure sensors precisely detect the increase in internal pressure of the hollow housing as the bumper deforms, regardless of the collision position on the front bumper.

This sensor is installed on the Pop-up Hood of the Toyota Crown Hybrid launched in Japan.

The Pop-up Hood is designed to reduce pedestrian head injuries in a pedestrian/ vehicle engine hood collision by creating a larger buffer space between the hood and hard components, including the engine, under the hood. When a pedestrian collides with the front bumper of a vehicle within a predetermined speed range, the pedestrian collision detection sensor sends the information to the airbag electric control unit to make the hood pop up at the moment of the frontal collision.

JCN Newswire

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    Dennis Bauer

    I wonder to which speeds this is still effective, on high speed impacts how much damage will be reduced? 1%, 5% 10%?

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    Still it does not stop you hitting anyone. It requires a collision to activate it!

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    Next they should invent a pedestrian collision prevention system for pedestrians. Too many people seem under the impression it is OK to move (walk) while staring at their mobile devices.

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    Steve Christian

    Like something they could have used in the movie Death Race 2000!

    Does it also keep a score tally? Or does it have have a friendly electronic female voice that says "You have hit a pedestrian" just before your navi says "Right turn in 200 meters".

    Excuse me, but I am having trouble seeing the benefits of a system that tells you you hit a pedestrian after the fact.

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