Driverless car concept gains traction

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    Michael Craig

    In September, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill clearing the way for self-driving cars to jockey with human-operated vehicles to test the technology on the state’s roads.

    The state of Nevada in May issued a license plate giving Google’s self-driving car the green light to travel along public roads there.

    Driverless are also legal in Florida, my home state!

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    but what happens when the car makes a mistake? who is to blame, the driver or the car or google or....that being said, this could really be a life saver, especially in regards to drunk driving.

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    The Japanese version software for it will take longer to develop since things like bicycle riders & car drivers materialising out of nowhere with eyes glued on their phones instead of the road just doesn't compute.

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    I think ultimately, it will be the car company that will have to take the blame if something happened which is why they must be very confident about their cars to release them.

    I think drunk driving is a very interesting and possibly problematic. Imagine a drunk person using this car but actually driving and then suddenly claiming that the car was driving. How would that situation work out? Would a drunk person even be allowed to use this car?

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    Pat Fonta

    if a sicilian steals a big money truck and is running from the cops on the high way, and all of a sudden there are three autonomous cars that can't be passed or avoided to crash into one of them, then what does the car do ?

    do the autonomous cars create an opening for the sicilian ?

    do the autonomous cars start racing with the sicilian ?

    do the autonomous cars have a driver eject system with a parachute ? i wonder ?

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