eBay chief says Internet privacy clashes coming

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    No question, that is true.....

    Sooner or later the state will find a system to censor everything it believes should not by read.

    It is a ral blessing that e-bay and similar sites are interested in our values and not in things as m oney or profit.

    Go, e-bay !

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    James Botham

    Well after been a seller on eBay I can tell you eBay are looking after nobody else but themselves, horrific company to deal with spent 5 hours on the phone this week trying to stop them ripping me off as usual!

    More regulation would mean that unscrupulous companies such as eBay would actually have to answer for some of the awful things they do to customers, no wonder they are against it!

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    James, I am quite ceratin that no one foced you to go to e-bay? Anyone gettimg involved wit anything in the internet on that level, facebook is another example, deserves exactly what they will get maybe sooner, maybe later. In any case: it will be too late to do anything about it.

    Simply accept your losses and learn from them....

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