Fujitsu revamps social network service for Raku-Raku smartphone users


Fujitsu on Wednesday announced the revamping of its Raku-Raku Community, an Internet service that lets members enjoy discussing their interests and popular topics. The launch coincides with the release of the Raku-Raku Smartphone 2 F-08E (scheduled for release in mid-August, part of NTT DOCOMO’s Raku-Raku phone series.

Raku-Raku Community now offers expanded opportunities for communications, including two new features that let members participate in private groups with friends or in open groups for anyone to join, as well as the ability of members to exchange messages within the application. It provides a new way to use smartphones that lets friends with a shared interest discuss it, post photos, and post comments to their friends.

Customers have been using the Raku-Raku Community bulletin-board service since it began in August 2012, and since then Fujitsu said it has received numerous customer comments, such as “communicating using only nicknames isn’t very fulfilling” and “I want to be able to interact on a more personal level.” In response, Fujitsu has now revamped the service to make it a place where people can gather and communicate on a friendlier basis.

Remaining free to use, the service retains specialist staff to conduct checks 24 hours a day in order to find and delete any commercial sales comments and scams so that people can use it with confidence.

The service will continue to be accessible from mobile phones other than Raku-Raku smartphones. There are also plans to have a dedicated website that will allow access from tablets and desktop computers.

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