GM cars to use Apple voice assistant Siri

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    As long as they don't use Apple maps for navigation...but the list of distractions for drivers grows. One German maker even has a system for sending email whilst driving!

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    brake... Brake.... BRAKE !!!!

    The car would be driven most safely by NOT having any of this distracting gadgetry in it. Their eyes may be on the road, but their brain is miles away thinking about that call, song or text message.

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    Saulo Akazawa

    I wonder how the Japanese automakers fare against these new trend of using tablet technology, IOS or Android, that we see in most new higher end cars in the US. I hope we can keep up!!!

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    Korlacan Khanthavilay

    Wait...exactly what is this suppose to do? From the sounds of it, all it's going to do is charge your iPhone. They say it connects to their infotainment system, but doesn't say what for. The rest is just controlling the iPhone via Siri. The kind of thing that already gets done.

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    ^ apparently, you have never driven a car while the phone rung, when you want to hear a certain music or when you're studying another language that's stored in your iPhone. I know how useful it is to have my iPhone connected to my Ford. Aside from being very practical, it indeed helps avoid accidents.

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    Korlacan Khanthavilay


    Yes, but again. That's stuff that was already controllable through Siri without the car's infotainment system. All it sounds like they are doing is connecting the iPhone to the car's speakers.

    Right now, I have my Android phone connected through a 2012 Ford Fiesta's car stereo. The car has built-in controls on the steering wheel for the stereo. I just hit the button on the steering wheel with my thumb, without removing my hands off the steering wheel. It can also increase/decrease sound volume, fast-forward/reverse songs, or simply go back a song or forward a song. There's also a menu button, but doesn't seem to do crap with the phone. It's just a rental car though. Right next to the phone is my Garmin GPS spitting out directions.

    Anyways, the 2012 Ford Fiesta is just a rental. My car setup is a 96 Subaru Impreza with JVC touchscreen single-din head unit. Connected via bluetooth is my 10" Android tablet, sitting on a tablet mount in the passenger side. My phone...I don't bother with it in the car. There is an attachable mic, if you want to make calls via the stereo, but again. I don't bother with my phone while driving, so I didn't even hook that up.

    My Android tablet has all my music. I have multiple playlists saved and I can easily swap around while sitting at a red light (which feels like all the time). If I felt like having audio books and crap for learning a language, I could just jam those in there with it's own playlist, but I don't bother. I use a different app for learning Japanese and it's simply way too interactive to attempt to use it while driving. It's possible to install Iris on Android to get voice commands and crap (although Android already has some voice calling options built-in), but I hate those kind of things. You have to speak like a moron to make them function properly. I use a Garmin GPS and don't bother with the ones available for Android.

    Once my car is moving, I'm not doing much of anything except driving. I'd rather try different things in my manual transmission car, then worry aobut who's calling, what music is playing, or learning another language.

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    ^ Iris??? LOL. Never had heard that Android had a voice service "inspired" in Siri. Ypoc!!

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