Hewlett-Packard sells webOS to LG ahead of Android tablet

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    The Palm Pre, the Palm Pre Plus, the Palm Pixi, and Palm Pixi Plus run WebOS version 1.4.5. [18] The Pre 2, Pre 3, and the Veer run WebOS version 2.X.X The HP TouchPad runs WebOS version 3.

    I like WebOS, but you just don't have the apps like iOS and Android now. The Veer is an amazing small phone, but the button keyboard is way outdated and maybe every button keyboard is outdated compared to touchscreens. Pre 3 is fairly rare ($75 Europe firesale, unlocked) TouchPads with 3G are fairly rare also.

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    my only experience with webos was in their touchpad...it was nice and actually seems more stable than android but no apps=death

    glad the fans ported android over to the touchpad

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