Honda develops 'smart' ecological paint


Honda Motor Co on Wednesday announced that it has newly developed the “Honda Smart Ecological Paint” process, a highly-functional painting technology that eliminates a middle coating process from a commonly used 4-coat/3-bake auto body painting process to realize a 3-coat/2-bake water-based painting process.

Honda will introduce this new painting technology at its Yorii plant at Saitama Factory in Japan that is scheduled to become operational in July 2013.

Conventionally, eliminating the middle coating process would have restricted the paint colors that can be used; however, Honda said it overcame this challenge by developing a highly-functional material for the color base coat used in the final coating process. This material used for the color base coat makes it possible to use any exterior paint color, which is an automobile industry first for a 3-coat/2-bake process.

Moreover, in addition to the smart paint, Honda also will introduce a wall-mounted paint robot system with a built-in quick load/quick wash paint tank. This will lead to a significant improvement in painting efficiency, reduction of the amount of paint materials and a 40% reduction in the number of processes compared to a conventional painting process. As a result, the amount of CO2 emitted during the painting process will be reduced by 40%.

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    So will this make the car cheaper or more expensive? You would think that leaving out a coat and saving 40% of the processes involved would make the car cheaper but when they have words as "smart" and CO2 reduction, I'm think it will be more expense.

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    Ka chan Do you think people actually buy hybrids to save on fuel? If you have the $ to spend extra for a hybrid and still cope with the downsides, then it is most likely that you're getting that car because 1) you care about the environment or 2) you care about how others see you, image. I care about environment, I'd be willing to pay a little bit more knowing I'm saving the planet.

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    wao.......i am really exited to see that paint........what is the cost of that paint....and hows it works????

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