MHI starts distribution of IR information to smartphones and tablets


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has launched distribution of its investor relations (IR) information via smartphones and tablet computers. The move is aimed at expanding opportunities for investment into the company through diversification of ways of communicating with investors.

To start, the company has prepared an application enabling users to read its “Annual Report 2012” on iPhones and iPads. The company said it intends to expand both the choice of applicable terminals and the range of IR information accessible.

The “Annual Report 2012,” available in both Japanese- and English-language versions, features a wide array of information including the company’s financial data for the term, an interview with MHI President Hideaki Omiya, an overview of the company’s 2012 Medium-Term Business Plan - a 3-year initiative launched in fiscal 2012 - and articles on the MHI Group’s main topics of the year under review. The Annual Report offers readers quick and easy access to a profile of the company and its business activities.

Users of Apple Incorporated’s iPhone or iPad can now download MHI’s Annual Report application, with great simplicity, through the App Store operated by Apple for users of its various information terminals. A variety of features available in the downloaded format enable the reader to obtain a deeper understanding of the content: for example, thumbnail displays of lists of selectable files or images, and with the iPad, a handy notepad, underlining, marking of important content, and other features that enable the user to perform quick searches and add markings or insert written notes on-screen.

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