Mitsubishi invests $770 mil in German offshore wind

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    The article should be corrected, as it's four farms, not plants. Each one of those plants (assuming same as BARD Offshore 1) takes up an area with 8km diameter (minimum assuming circle, actually larger).

    The total productions is also just over 1GW nameplate, which is about the same as a single 300MW (tiny) reactor, not two. Even if it was 2.8GW, it would still only be the same as a 500-700W reactor, not two advanced reactors.

    Assuming 2.8GW though, it's 410sq km, which is huge.

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    My project! I am now working on the DolWin Alpha phase of the project.

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    How is 576 million 49% of 2.9 Billion? Anyway, I should be seeing a news letter on this soon.

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    Okay, Mitsubishi is investing 576 Million Euros in a Joint venture with TenneT (49%/51% share) which will in turn invest in the undersea connections for four of the wind farms. My project is a HVDC converter that will convert the AC power generated by the wind turbines and transmitted to our platform through one of these undersea connections into DC power that will in turn be transmitted to shore via undersea HVDC cables.

    Mitsubishi Corporation's financial investment division would buy a 49-percent stake in the joint venture, with 51 percent to be held by German-Dutch grid operator Tennet, German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" reported Wednesday. Mitsubishi would invest 576 million euros ($765 million) in building four underwater connections to German offshore wind farms in the North Sea, Tennet Chief Executive Lex Hartmann told the newspaper, adding that relevant contracts were signed in Japan on Tuesday.

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    "Green Energy" is just a fantasy. Build more nuclear reactors.

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