PRADA to release handset in Japan

PRADA executive Giacomo Ovidi shows the PRADA Phone by LG.


PRADA on Thursday said it will release a mobile handset produced by LG with its brand in the Japanese market in June. The L852i handset, which has already been released as PRADA Phone by LG in 40 countries since March 2007, will be available through mobile carrier DoCoMo and mobile shops nationwide.

For the Japanese market, the L852i features HSDPA high speed data communication in FOMA network, DoCoMo’s i-mode browser as well as deco-mail pictograms, Deco-mail and i-channel. DoCoMo’s Music&Video Channel and Chaku Uta full ring music are also available on the handset.

PRADA said the price is still under negotiation.

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    Versace and Prada, they mean nothing to me You can buy your friends, but I'll hate you for free. (Chumbawumba, She's got all the friends that money can buy)

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    PRADA said the price is still under negotiation.

    Then how come NHK (9.00pm News 8th May) said it will cost Y100,000?

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    Lame, lame, lame. So 2006.

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