Samsung sells 100 million Galaxy S smartphones

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    Tom DeMicke

    I have my Galaxy Note II and it's an awesome piece of equipment. I like Apple, just not the iPhone. Way too small for me.

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    Korlacan Khanthavilay

    Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S3 are too big for me. I'm trying to get away from gigantic phones. I'm good with a 4.3" screen. iPhone isn't for me either, as it doesn't have a microSD slot. I'm good with a 16 gig phone, then I can drop in my 32/64 gig microSD card into it. 16 gig for music, 32/64 gig for videos.

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    The S3 screen seems quite small if you spend any time on an android tablet, but still a great phone.

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    Korlacan Khanthavilay

    The S3 does seem small when compared to a tablet, but it'll seem quite large when compared to other smartphones. It's all perspectives, but for a phone.

    Great phone? No better than any other Android phone that has the exact same feature set in a smaller package. I've already gone through 3 Android phones and they all felt the same. Can't imagine the S3 would be any better or any worse. Unless it has some glaring defects, which I haven't heard of. I gave up on jumping on the new phone bandwagon. Maybe if I didn't burn through a new phone every year or sooner, I might see the big differences in speed.

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