Samsung unveils 8-inch tablet with phone capability

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    Awesome, just what I've been waiting for....I was thinking about getting the nexus 7 , but now I can ditch my phone as well. No need for two data plans.

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    I am not holding something as big as 8 inches next to my face in order to make calls (or for any other reason).

    Blue tooth....

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    @dutchduck - I had a Galaxy tab 7 for 2 years as my primary device. Get used to dozens of clueless narrow thinking idiots making fun of the size, genuinely thinking that you hold it up to your ear. zero lateral thinking going on with a lot of the population. In the end it was nice most of the time, but sometimes I just wanted something that could easily slip in my pocket hence I went back to smaller device. I still carry the tablet in my bag, it's just not the primary device anymore, Just on wifi.

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    Just this week I had a customer at our bar who took a huge calculator out of his backpack, then it was a tablet, then a smartphone. Someone called him, people had this funny look, like me: what, this guy looks ridiculous. Brands aside, don't ever talk to a tablet.

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    Watch, Apple would come out with their own too. They already came out with a 7.9-inch tablet.

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