Self-driving cars to be 9% of global auto sales in 2035

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    I'd like to see how this will work in courts when your 'self driven car' goes berserk with you in it coming home from a party with you quite 'buzzed' and the car wreaks havoc on someone's property and/or injures or kills someone. Who will be responsible and will putting the car into auto mode legally remove all responsibility for the 'owner/operator'?

    I think the first self driven car should be named 'Pandora'.

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    2035? How about a self-driving wheelchair?

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    Funny, back in the 30's they said everyone would have flying cars by 1985.

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    And of course, we'll have had traveled to Mars by the year 2000.

    These predictions aren't worth the paper they're written on.

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    Unless they come up with some way to power these that doesn't contribute to climate change, they'll see far fewer sales than they predict. Rather, by 2035, cars will be driverless as they by necessity sit idle.

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    Funny, back in the 30's they said everyone would have flying cars by 1985.

    Yeah, it's a little slow, but it's happening.

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    With the amount of European, Korean, and Japanese cars on the road in America, I don't trust any prediction about vehicle sales out of Detroit. I bet 20 years ago no one in Detroit envisioned the catastrophe that the US auto-market is in now.

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    Right now there is Consumer Electronic Shows in Las Vegas. Among exhibitions, self driving cars. all local news here are showing. You push some kind of panel and door is opened and driver just get in and relax while car drives. collision? The cars detect other cars and avoid collision Some cars have solar panels that control something, etc. tint on windows are adjusted according to outside light etc. Too many features. BTW, some years ago, CES had car-copter demo. If these self driving cars are not expensive, they may sell well in USA, Some auto makers had demo of interior gadget improvement but those were already standard in Japanese brand models. So, self driving cars got more attention by media. We usually go to auto malls in Vegas later because CES is full with international visitors who import and export and charge entrance fees.

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