Sony stops making PlayStation 2 in Japan

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    I thought every nutter had tried putting their PS2 in the microwave by now?

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    Eduardo Gonzalez

    Well, it must look forward to withdraw from the market for gewd, as more than 12 years, and the PS3 is their major median, since PS1 and its 94/12/01 release

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    Outta here

    Since launching in 2000 the PlayStation 2 (PS2), which has a Blu-ray player

    Since when has the PS2 had a blurry player? At least if your going to report on something get your facts straight!

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    Jason Stiles

    LIES! LIES AND SLANDERS! The PS2 never had a Blu-Ray Player, it only had a CD+DVD Player! There ends my short angry gaming nerd rant.

    Oh on a side note does anyone remember if you took a PS1 or PS2 disc and put it into a CD player it would play the audio files. XD

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    Korlacan Khanthavilay

    If only certain games actually came out for the PS3. Beatmania has yet to come out for PS3. Sure, I can play the PS2 version on my PS3, but using an adapter for the Beatmania controller just gives me input lag. So I picked up a Japanese PS2 slim for Beatmania.

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    House Atreides

    Sony produced more than 150 million units so they'll be no shortage of used PS2s or spare parts.

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    I wasn't aware they were still making them. But knowing that they have now officially stopped makes me think, who was actually still buying PS2's?

    Im not the biggest console gaming person, but I was playing with one of those things... maybe when I was 12? Im coming up to my mid twenties now. That's 12 -13 years! Damn it had a good run.

    @jason stiles Yes I do remember that haha!

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    Makes sense to drop the PS2. I'm surprised they didn't do it when the PS3 became established. The longer you make PS2's, the longer you're going to have to incorporate "legacy support" into newer products. Now if they DO put out a PS4, they're going to have to keep support for the PS2 in the box. It sucks having to support decade-old technology when you're trying to come up with "cutting edge". Microsoft found out about that when they were trying to go to Windows from DOS. For the longest time they still had to support/run DOS apps even after DOS was no longer being sold.

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    The story is from the AFP and they really messed up on their reporting lol. The PS2 does not, nor has it ever, had a Blu-Ray player. Blu-Ray wasn't around back then lol.

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