Sony subsidiary to release programming learning kit

A fire engine made by using the Koov. A motor can be used to enable the fire engine to run or the ladder to move.


Sony Global Education Inc, which runs an education-related business, will release a programming learning kit for children on Saturday.

The kit, Koov, enables users to make a robot by freely combining motors, sensors and blocks and move it by using self-made software. With the kit, children can experience manufacturing while playing. As a result, it cultivates the creativity and inquiring mind of children.

The Koov consists of (1) blocks that can be used to form various shapes and mechanisms, (2) electronic parts such as sensors, motors and cables and (3) special learning applications that run on personal computers, tablet computers, etc. There are few kinds of blocks in the aim of enhancing the creativity of children. The blocks can realize various shapes when they are combined.

In addition to LED lamps, switches and buzzers, the electronic parts include sensors (e.g. acceleration and illuminance sensors), DC and servo motors and a core that controls them.

The learning applications include Robot Recipe, which offers operation programs and instructions for making robots, and Learning Course, which systematically teaches programming and how to combine blocks. It is also possible to make a robot and software for the robot without such help.

Sony Global Education, which will release the Koov, was born as a result of a project of Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc. In April 2015, it was established as a company that deals with businesses in the field of education under “Network Service Project,” which was for developing new businesses in fields that Sony Corp had not dealt with.

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    Charles Anderson

    will it be available in the us ? apx how much ?$

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    So, what's the difference between this and Lego's mindstorm?

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    Is this a news ???

  • -1

    Fred Wallace

    Robots.... Well The future is automation I guess...

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