Sony to launch next generation FeliCa contactless IC chip


Sony Corp said it will launch the next generation FeliCa IC chip with enhanced security adopting the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. The new IC chip will support AES as well as the existing DES encryption system for mutual authentication and data communication. The sample chip will be available for shipment from this winter, and mass production will start in the spring of 2012.

Sony’s contactless smart card technology FeliCa is widely deployed in card or mobile phone products for various applications including transit and payment where high performance and security is required. To date, more than 500 million FeliCa cards and mobile phone IC chips in total have already shipped throughout the world.

The newly developed IC chip will have the same command sets as the current DES-based FeliCa card system so that the FeliCa card with the new chip can easily be introduced into existing services. The new chip will have a security-migration function so that it will easily be able to migrate from the existing security system to the new AES encryption-based security.
JR East Group cooperated with Sony regarding the specification for the new OS.

With the new IC chip, Sony will develop and market a variety of forms of card, and in addition plans to develop next generation compatible products for mobile devices and reader platforms. The new IC chip will create a new lifestyle and range of applications where users feel daily convenience simply by “tapping” in an expanded FeliCa world.

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    What a pity they didn,t use this technology in house, might have saved a huge embarrassment to the company regarding the loss of all that data with the playstation.

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    Jason Lok

    minello: this technology mentioned in the article is about wireless payment security, while the playstation network attacks was more about software/network security, completely different areas. but i know what you mean though, they should have spent a lot more effort, way beforehand, upgrading the security on all of their online networks. the hackers are just moving down the line checking the security of each sony property and finding the same systematic weaknesses. it's a security heads up which could have been prevented easily.

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    Five minutes late and a nickel short.

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