Sugo Toys Japan subscription service to launch in September


The monthly Japanese toy subscription service Sugo Toys Japan announced Tuesday that it has received a good response from the fan community.

Since the launch of a teaser site on July 25, Sugo Toys Japan said it has received more than 500 newsletter subscriptions from figure collectors all around the world. The service has also received encouraging words and suggestions through Facebook and Twitter.

“Figure enthusiasts all around the world have given us great suggestions and ideas. They are helping us make a service that fits their needs. We are grateful,” said CEO Masaru Nakajima. He added that Sugo Toys Japan expects to have around 1,000 newsletter followers by September.

Sugo Toys Japan has also opened a blog where they plan to showcase cool figures, events and interesting figure-related stuff besides Sugo Toys Japan releases. Every month, figure collectors will receive a new figure from the series of their choosing, so the blog will showcase past and future figures available through the service.

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