Tablet wars intensify as prices tumble

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    There are no "tablet wars". The war has been won (by Apple) and it's over. This is just a struggle for survival.

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    Oh yes, Nexus 7, which allows you to upload all your data to iCloud which can be spied by NSA. Good luck

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    and ICloud is not spied on by NSA?? CIA???

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    The "tablet wars" are simply the dropping of prices on inferior products to see who can place the distant second in Apple's dust. You won't see Apple dropping their prices to increase sales, unlike with the massive stockpile of Kindle's and what not.

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    I have the Nook HD 7" ($129 8gb)) and 9" ($149 16gb -still boxed as a gift). I would say the 7" is the sweet spot for reading in bed. And the Nook HD line has Android (PlayStore) with the new software update. Probably the best Android Tablet you can get for the price. Can add a microSD (HC) for Memory +32gb max. Great audio and a great screen.

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    there's something i don't understand here in japan:

    1-according to international news, tablets are almost outselling notebooks and pc's

    2-walk into yodovashi or bic-kamera, and all you see are notebooks and pc's, the tablets are hiding, controlled by the blood-sucking, price-fixing mobile carrier companies

    3-any other place in the world, you can buy a neksus 7.

    4-in japan they are no where to be seen, and if you search internet, they might mention them, but they do not declare the price.

    5-finally, i don't understand this news article referring to something that does not apply at all to japan

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    New second generation Nexus 7 is supposed to be out in a few weeks with some major upgrades.

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    @Zybster and smithinjapan, you guys are being completely sarcastic, right? I give Apple a year before Android tablets eat up their market share, as they have Apple's smartphone market. It's not hard for other companies to compete with a company suffering from stagnant innovation. Only the die-hard iSheep will remain loyal to Apple's slightly face-lifted products.

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