The future of car tech: Getting to know you

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    In a demonstration, the Toyota vehicle started a conversation and suggested potential destinations for the driver. Its camera detected that the driver was in an upbeat mood and thus suggested “the happier route.”

    No, thanks. These announcements that tell you you have been driving for an hour and should pull over are enough to make me wanna kick the car. I don''t need some insincere machine wanting to talk to me before I get started.

    And the car will gradually turn into yet another spy transmitting information about all aspects of us and our driving to ... well... to whom exactly?

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    Hyundai is installing sensors in its seating which evaluate posture and in seatbelts to monitor respiration. This could allow an intelligent car to know if a driver is having a heart attack or falling asleep at the wheel.

    I find waking me up in some manner when falling asleep as very useful, but preventing heart attack, I don't know.

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    The old Fiat Ritmo joke comes to mind: Designed by computer. Built by robots. Driven by Italians.

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    Open the trunk, Hal.

    I can't do that Dave

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    Does it have an option to show porno movies to better your mood? So many funny situations come to mind when the driver invites a passenger and the car doesn't realize it but behaves as always, rofl. As for our data being used, welcome to the future. Either get used to it, or get off-grid, about the only way to escape. But that will become harder and harder with less and less places to use cash.

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    How about make their cars more reliable instead?

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