Tokyo Gas, Panasonic develop new home fuel cell


Tokyo Gas Co and Panasonic Corp have jointly developed a new version of their Ene-Farm home fuel cell. Panasonic manufactures the fuel cell unit and supplies it to Tokyo Gas in combination with a hot water unit and backup heat source produced by Gastar Co, a subsidiary of Tokyo Gas.

The new model will be sold by Tokyo Gas from April 1. The price of the new product will be 1,995,000 yen (with the standard backup heat source, excluding installation fee). This is about 760,000 yen less than the recommended retail price of the Ene-Farm model currently on the market, made possible by a reduction in the number of components.

Panasonic said the new product also achieved an overall efficiency of 95.0% (LHV) - the world’s highest. Due to a reduction in the size of the equipment, the required installation depth has been decreased from 900 mm to 750 mm. Since the backup heat source has also been separated from the hot water unit, the product can now be even more easily installed in a wider variety of places. Moreover, it marks the first time that an Ene-Farm product in Japan includes a remote control with color
display as a standard feature. Since the size of the screen is also larger, the text and graphics are even easier to view.

The new product will be available to the general public in three models, jointly developed by Tokyo Gas and Panasonic.

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