Toys“R”Us first with kids’ tablet in Japan


Toys“R”Us, Japan will be the first retailer in Japan to introduce a tablet designed specifically for kids. The popular Android-based MEEP! tablet will be available at Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us stores nationwide and on the Toys“R”Us/Babies“R”Us Online Store ( on April 26.

MEEP! is a WiFi-enabled tablet that lets kids access the Internet, chat with their families and friends, and access a vast media library of apps, games, music, movies and e-books at the touch of a finger. MEEP! was first introduced in the United States in September 2012 and sold over 250,000 units in the first few months. It quickly caught on with audiences around the world and is currently available in 15 markets including Japan.

MEEP! features cloud-based parental controls that enable parents to monitor their child’s activity from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The controls allow parents to limit how their kids use the Internet, as well as how much time they spend online and on specific games and applications. Parents can also view a detailed activity log that provides information on how their child is using MEEP!

The tablet comes pre-loaded with approximately 50 apps, games, songs and videos selected for children, including popular games such as Angry Birds and Uno, as well as the child-friendly Yahoo! Kids browser app. Kids can download additional apps and games for their tablet on the MEEP! Store using virtual coins purchased by their parents in advance, and download apps that have been filtered specifically for children from Google Play. MEEP!’s parental settings allow parents to approve all purchases before kids can download apps and other content to their device. MEEP!’s state-of-the-art 7-inch touch screen incorporates patented zForce technology, which allows children to operate the tablet with a pen or paintbrush, or while wearing gloves. The display is automatically optimized for the usage environment, ensuring visibility even in direct sunlight. The tablet’s body is designed to be easy for children to hold, and it comes with a durable silicon sleeve to protect against impact.

Monika Merz, president, Toys“R”Us, Asia Pacific, said: “MEEP! boasts many of the same features and technology that tablets geared toward adults have, but has been engineered specifically for kids, with an easy-to-hold design, age-appropriate content and advanced controls that parents can use to adjust the tablet’s settings without having to take it out of their child’s hands. MEEP! is a truly innovative item, and with so much to offer it’s sure to wow kids and parents alike.”

Toys“R”Us is now accepting advance orders for MEEP! in stores and online via a dedicated page on the Toys“R”Us/Babies“R”Us Online Store ( To celebrate the launch, the company will hold Angry Birds events at select stores during Golden Week.

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    Looks cool, will the kids realize its not an IPad?

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    Looks good, might have to get my 7 year old son one to replace his old 1st gen iPad.

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