TVs get bigger, bolder, smarter at CES show

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    dont forget the bigger, comfier and smarter reclining chair to go with it?

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    James Botham

    This is great idea of Samsung with multi view but it is worrying, its kind of nice to sit down as a family and watch TV together its bad enough nowadays one of you being on a tablet with headphones on whilst the other is watching TV. Society is slowly breaking down, people and families are slowly not talking to each other unless it is through a device of some sorts.

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    The passage

    Unfortunately, although TV's are getting bigger, Japanese housing is not, so the demand for ultra large TV's is not as great here as it is overseas. I think this is why Sony/Pioneer/et al are losing pace quickly because they used to fleece the domestic market before selling overseas. Now that their model is broken and no-one at home wants the really big screens their future seems less certain. Colleague of mine noted that his family of 5 TV was upgraded at he move to digital to a 32" widescreen from a 21"CRT and they had to basically throw out loads of stuff to make room for it!

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    It'll be great when economies of scale get OLED sets down in price

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    The passage

    Whoopsadaisy - time to eat humble pie. Just saw Sony's whopping 4k screen. Absolutely amazing quality, and puts Sony back at the top of the pile for desirable monitors (anyone remember their Profeel range??). LG and Samsung will probably catch up quickly though. But now the evolution problem just gets worse. Even BluRay won't shine on a 4K screen (it will look OK) so new content needs to be issued. Do you think we can persuade content firms to hold the stuff we buy online and just update it as new formats come out rather than us having to buy a new format each time it gets released?

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    I don't need higher def. I need more connectivity and cross-compatibility.

    I want to be able to wirelessly network the TV to my computer and to have the TV play vid files off a USB memory stick. Anyone see that happening any time soon?

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