Uniqlo upgrades online store


Uniqlo on Thursday announced that it has upgraded its uniqlo.com online store in Japan. The new site stocks 22,710 items for spring and summer alone, more than any of Uniqlo’s physical stores around the world. An intuitive, thumb-based user interface makes shopping by smartphone more enjoyable, and customers can request home delivery or opt to pick merchandise up from a Uniqlo store or convenience store.

As well as offering sizes in everything from XS to XXL through 4XL, the site provides designs, colors, and patterns not otherwise available at Uniqlo stores in Japan and merchandise that is typically sold only abroad. In addition, there is a more extensive range of semi-tailored shirts and jackets for men and women, with 1,183 variations for men’s shirts and 440 variations for women’s shirts, and
2,112 variations in total for men’s and women’s jackets.

The revamped online store offers a host of other advantages. Shop by Look mixes and matches items so it is easier for customers to choose coordinates, with special discounts available over a campaign running from March 24-30. An image search feature helps customers to find items that are similar to those they see in magazines or elsewhere online. Customers can also register sizes for themselves, family members and friends so it is easier to choose the right merchandise on future visits.

Customers can choose to collect online purchases at Uniqlo stores, where they can try items on and return them instantly if they do not fit. Alternatively, items can be picked up around the clock from over 43,000 branches of Seven-Eleven, FamilyMart and Lawson convenience stores across Japan. Customers who prefer to shop in person will be able to check the availability of items at their closest Uniqlo stores before visiting.

As part of the revamped uniqlo.com, a service now applies to all merchandise and stores where customers can choose an item from their mobile if out of stock at a store, then pay at their local store and have the item delivered or ready for pick up wherever desired. For orders made by noon, shoppers residing in the Honshu and Shikoku regions can in most cases designate when they want delivery, effective from the subsequent day.

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    Patricia Yarrow

    Don't suppose there is a fully ENGLISH website I can use for Uniqlo? Didn't think so....

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    I looked at the website and saw some things I was interested in. I was pleased to see these items came in larger sizes than those typically found in Japanese stores. Because clothes sizing is so inconsistent, I went to a Uniqlo store to try them on. Unfortunately, the store I went to did not have the larger sizes shown on the website. I know Japanese stores cater for Japanese sizes, but it's still disappointing. Each day I see nicely dressed Japanese men who are larger than I am and wonder where they buy clothes.

    Instead of using Uniqlo, I'll continue to buy from online stores I've bought from previously; they've shown their sizing is consistent.

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    Buying clothes larger than 2L from Uniqlo is difficult and only available online but there are other stores selling larger sizes. I've bought online from Uniqlo and Rakuten but was disappointed and returned the goods. I've also bought some clothes from Amazon and in that case it was fine. Also even though the size standards are suppose to be the same, and there are several used, the manufactured sizes do vary. In one case 3L was a fit and another time it wasn't.

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    I'd rather they update the style and usability of the site than just increase stock. UniQlo's online site is almost as bad as government websites when it comes to navigation and havingn every single field a different character set (zenkaku, then hankaku, numbers allowed, no numbers allowed, etc.). Trying to retrieve your password on the site or enter your address is so confusing at times it can turn you off buying.

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