Wanted: 50 travelers for Global Scavenger Hunt

The Global Scavenger Hunt, an annual around-the-world travel adventure competition, is looking for 50 globetrotting cultural explorers to take “A Blind Date with the World” and compete for the crown of The World’s Greatest Travelers, while collectively traveling a million kilometers for global charities.

The 2009 Global Scavenger Hunt will take place over three weeks between April 17 and May 9. Teams will travel from Los Angeles to New York City – the really long way! Although unconfirmed as it is a “Blind Date with the World,” a circumnavigation of the globe touching down on four continents and visiting 10 countries may include: Peru, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Morocco, Portugal, Turkey and Italy.

The Global Scavenger Hunt is limited to 25 teams of two. The $9,900 per person entry fee includes: all international airfares, first class hotels, 30-40% off meals (portions of which may be tax-deductible). Teams are chosen on a first come, first served basis, and single travelers are also welcome to apply. All travelers are interviewed for suitability before being accepted for the 23-day global event.

Participants stand the chance to win special prizes and The World’s Greatest Travelers trophy and crown. Winners are also invited to defend their title in the next event for free.

Teams help to raise money for ongoing humanitarian causes like: Doctors Without Borders, Free the Children, KIVA, UNICEF, and Partners in Health among others.

To apply, teams and single travelers interested should visit globalscavengerhunt.com.

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    What, this is not free?

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    Haven't we had this article before?

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    What are they scavenging for? Food scraps, old clothes? And where will they be scavenging? Trash cans, waste dumps? More information needed before I hand over my 10,000 bucks...

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    These loosers have to pay $10,000? Now, what ever little respect I had for this reality tv show, well it is now 0% or maybe minus 15%! Not only do these desperate to be on tv folks pay to be on the show (sounds like a bribe) but I have seen them eat horrible things like bugs, tarantulas etc..in Cambodia! Oh, but some how this is for charity? I don't buy it.

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