Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo to celebrate New Year with rebranding


The iconic flagship property of leading Japanese hospitality company Fujita Kanko Inc will debut Jan 1 under its new name, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, after operating for 20 years as Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzan-so.

Fujita Kanko is celebrating the rebranding with a Japanese touch. In addition to offering various Japanese New Year rituals and entertainment, the hotel will host concerts on Jany 3 with one-of-a-kind Japanese music group, Aun J, which uses Japanese classical instruments to perform contemporary music.

“Like Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, Aun J creates its own form of ‘old meets new,’ bringing a new interpretation of Japanese tradition to the world. Their music is perfect for the birth of our new brand,” said Koichi Urashima, who will be the first general manager of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. The concerts, open to the public free of charge, will be held in the hotel’s renowned 17-acre Japanese botanical garden.

To emphasize its heritage, the hotel is also launching a series of Japanese art and cultural activities for its international guests. The newest activity is a weekly Japanese language and culture class where guests can learn simple Japanese conversation, and Japanese manners and customs in various situations, such as proper table manners and worshiping at Shinto shrines. The class, to be held at the hotel’s Japanese Suite and historic tea houses, can be tailored according to guests’ needs and interests.

Other activities include the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, performed by the hotel’s own tea masters in two authentic tea houses on the property, and the creation of “moss ball bonsai,” taught in a weekly workshop by a licensed Japanese landscape gardener who has taken care of the Chinzanso’s botanical garden for the past 30 years.

The schedule and costs for these activities, which require an advance reservation, are available from the hotel by telephone (81-3-3943-2222), or, upon arrival at the hotel, from the concierge.


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