JAL renews home page for overseas


Japan Airlines (JAL) has renewed its overseas home page to reflect customer needs to improve usability.

In line with the home page used in Japan, JAL’s overseas websites which is being served in 26 countries and regions, served in 11 different languages have been reconstructed to provide customers with more information that is now easier to locate with better usability.

In creating an overall larger layout with bigger font size for easy-reading, a new site index has been added at the bottom of the page for better navigation around the website. Customers can now easily stay updated with the latest JAL news and see attractive promotions highlighted on a clickable banner that will allow the customer to access the campaign.

The Reservations and Purchasing flow for tickets had been renewed also in this fiscal year, and the customers are now able to purchase tickets online up to midnight of the day before or 6 hours before departure whichever is the earlier time. 

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    Why do Japanese (and Korean) airlines have such primitive and clunky websites? You have to go to do different sites for each part of the world, and for international and domestic, and many functions - like checking the price to fly New York to Sydney via Tokyo - are impossible.

    Most every other airline in the world handles this with one site - even airlines much bigger then JAL or ANA. The North Asians need to get their act together.

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    Knox Harrington

    I took a look at their homepage from my iPhone. May well be a "renewed" page but nothing new there. Same interface as airlines have used since the beginning of the WWW, too many options and, as is said above, an abundance of choices of countries and languages.

    A good page by today's standards wouldn't need to complicate things so much. All that would be needed is "from" and "to" plus a few variables.

    Oh well...

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