London hotels ranked the worst in 100 cities

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    When I stayed in a 4-5 star place in London about 15 years ago, they had gone to the effort to reconfigure the pay phones to require 20p coins instead of 10p coins, which was the standard price per call at the time. The old coin slots had been removed, and the 20p slots had been welded in their place.

    Gotta admire how mercilessly keen they were for trying to squeeze that extra 10p from their guests, who were paying 150-200 pounds a night anyway for the privilege of staying there.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Joining London in the bottom five were Rio de Janiero, Copenhagen, Paris and Amsterdam. Ok, so Rio, Copenhagen, Paris and Amsterdam are also dumps?? Worst hotel I saw was a Spanish one but in Bangkok, Thailand, had a big fat juicy FLY dead in the milk the waiter was bringing for my coffee!! Had to try and explain to the Thai dude, sorry homeboy but I am not into exotic Thai flies in my coffee, and NO TOILET paper, geez!! Had to wash my ass with water and dry it with hand towels, sorry folks so maybe London aint so bad??

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    Stayed in the centre of London just before Christmas. The story pretty much has it right. Mine stay was overpriced, the queue to check in took over 1/2 hour, the room was worn out and breakfast was a scrum. Generally when in the UK and I have to use a hotel I'll stay out of town where the prices are much more reasonable and the service is acceptable.

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    I only work four days a week, and I like to travel in my free time, so I've stayed in many, many hotels in Japan ranging from hostel to budget to five star. In my experience it's rare to get bad, indifferent service in a Japanese hotel. However some of the small-town budget hotels tend to be lacking in the cleanliness department, with grimy basins and stained sheets, and the five star joints have annoying staff that insist upon following you everywhere to cater to your every need (not fun when you just want to get away from it all). In my opinon B&Bs (minshuku) are the way to go, especially if you tend to stay in the same place/s every year. Some of them are in really inconvenient locations, but it's worth it all to walk in after a year's absence, and yet have everyone in the room greet you by name, with a huge smile!

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