Paris still the world's No.1 tourist destination

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    Miyagi Ben

    A quick research revealed 15.9 million visitors to Bangkok in 2013. Seems JT just repost AFP news without re-checking?

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    32.3 millions is slightly more than 15.9 millions. Now I wonder how they count people, how they know who is a tourist and who is not, who visits or who just passes through the transport hub (even more the case for Bangkok). I've heard that the biggest Parisian tourist trap got a very bad 2013 year, losing more than 1 million visitors compared to 2012.

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    Miyagi Ben

    The first paragraph doesn t make much sense. However:

    The nearly 15.5 million foreign visitors to the French capital represented an 8.2% increase from 2012

    15.9 million15.5 million

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    Foreign tourists vs. all tourists, foreign and domestic?

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    French and non-French tourist is probley what they mean. More foreign tourist visit Bangkok but Paris has more overall

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