Peach Aviation ranks 1st in airline satisfaction survey


Peach Aviation has been ranked number one in the airline satisfaction survey conducted by a major Japanese business publication Diamond Weekly for its airline feature. Peach came first in the “Overall Satisfaction” and “Price Satisfaction” categories of the survey in which 27 airline companies were rated.

Diamond Weekly conducted the survey in August 2013 online, targeting 10,034 frequent flyers (those who travel by air at least more than once a year). The survey had four categories: Overall Satisfaction, Price Satisfaction, Service Satisfaction, and Safety Satisfaction. The article highlighted the fact that Peach, Japan’s first LCC, has been able to deliver with its affordable price, and quality service - pointing out the rising company status.

Since its inauguration in 2012, Peach has launched 10 domestic routes in Japan and 6 international routes. Peach has also maintained an extremely low cancellation rate of 0.96%, which stands at the top of all Japanese airlines. 

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    I've been curious about how this LCC is so this news is encouraging to hear. Hope to give them a try on my next trip to Osaka. That seems to be their hub so I guess I could take a flight from there to their other destinations, too.

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    Let's have some Tokyo to Asia routes, please. Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Min City, Hong Kong.

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    Highly recommend Peach. Flew from Hong Kong to Osaka for under Y10 000 with 7kg of hand luggage included in the price. If you have check in baggage or want to specify your seat, you pay extra. No free meals but they have a very reasonably priced and varied menu. The landing strip was a bit out of the way which meant quite a walk to immigration and customs but really no big deal considering the price.

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