100,000 protesters encircle Egypt's presidential palace

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    The real bosses in Egypt are the military. If Morsi is not careful he will learn this first hand.

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    And where is Obama, who was so enthusiastic to throw Mubarak under the bus? Nowhere to be seen or heard. Apparently, Mubaraks secular authoritarian regime was bad, and Morsi`s islamist Shariah dictatorship is good.

    Talk about an upside down world view.

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    " He may learn it firsthand from the 49% of punters (much more in Cairo) who didn't vote for him. Arab Spring redux. "

    Don´t hold your breath. Once the islamists have power, they never give it up. And tragically, they now have the White House on their side.

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    slumdogDec. 05, 2012 - 02:42PM JST: The real bosses in Egypt are the military. If Morsi is not careful he will learn this first hand.

    Morsi replaced the military heads back in August 2012.

    New Egyptian president orders military chief to retire @ http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/48639143/ns/worldnews-mideastn_africa/t/new-egyptian-president-orders-military-chief-retire/

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    Thank you very much for the article skipbeat.

    As per the article:

    The armed forces, with vast resources in Egypt's economy as well as a military strength funded in part by Washington, remain a key institution in Egypt and the process of establishing full democratic control has only just begun. General Mohamed el-Assar, who sits on the military council, told Reuters: "The decision was based on consultation with the field marshal, and the rest of the military council."

    The army is still quite strong and the moves by Morsi will only go as far as the military council will allow. At least, I hope so. Still, I appreciate the link.

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    Isn't it great that we ousted a stable/cooperative dictator from his chair to replace him with even worse fanatics. The "Arab Spring" is one of the biggest charades ever perpetrated. Just leave these people alone to confront their destiny - no more western meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations.

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    At least the situation is under control and evolving in what might be a positive direction.

    Quite an impressive turnout by the anti-Islamist protesters.

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    Go Egyptians! Get Morsi out of there!

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