2 detained after 21 dead babies found along China river

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    Not surprising coming from an overpopulated country with a one-child rule. Even full-term abortions are acceptable there. This is just horrible and sad.

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    send all their unwanted babies to Japan, they need them here!!

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    Like all things, even the value of a human life appears to be subjective.

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    How about a system in which unwanted baby girl is available for adoption and the couple is allowed to have another child? Not good... but still much better than killing baby girl.

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    sensei258, its not a one child rule, its a one child policy. And the term is apt because there are several exemptions. One exemption is that if the first child is a girl, the couple can have a second child. There are lots of exeptions and there are lots of ways to prevent pregnancy. If anyone violates the policy its their own stupid fault. And many Chinese also think its a rule and not a policy and that too is their own stupid fault and leads them to do even more stupid things. In short, its the stupid people who have over-populated China that make this news not surprising. The one-child policy seems fine to me.

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    jason6, not a good idea. The Japanese want Japanese blood in their babies. They're better off in the US where adoption is more popular.

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