34 killed in Damascus car bombings

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    Analysts say most of those fighting Assad’s regime are ordinary Syrians and soldiers who have defected, having become fed up with the authoritarian government.

    That's wierd. We keep getting told they are Al Qaida. These 'analysts' can't be reliable. They are just part of the greater conspiracy


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    Vladimir Troubetzkoy

    koichiro gemba doesn't have to blam syrian and bachar !! This meeting of Friday is a stupid thing. !! Every people and every syrian know that islamists are most of rebels This attack is a proof of the truth. many attacks with bomb since a long time are from al quaida brigad..(front al nosra, brigad tawhid) All my syrians friends want showing the truth but it's difficult. Why japan is not neutral about syria ? why they follow americano politics ? be independant !!! (okinawa base camp is a good exemple !!)

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    " Analysts say most of those fighting Assad’s regime are ordinary Syrians and soldiers who have defected, having become fed up with the authoritarian government. "

    And who are these unnamed analysts? The same fools who have been advising Western governments to support the islamist takeovers in Egypt, Libya, and Tunesia?

    Good grief, what stupid propaganda. Alas, enough Western readers will be ignorant to gobble this up.

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    blasts went off in the capital’s eastern Jaramana suburb, a district that is mostly loyal to President Bashar Assad. The area is populated mostly by Christians and Druse, a minority sect.

    The Sunni Islamists could possibly succeed in causing the Scuds to start flying at some point.
    If the Patriot system gets the go ahead, that probably ups the probability of that happening by a notch before that system is actually able to be deployed for "defensive purposes".

    And at that point, the whole region is likely to be reduced to rubble, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel, with unspeakable carnage.

    Granted, that is a worse case scenario, but it would seem to be increasingly a more tangible possibility given the course of events.

    It would seem that the West has made a serious miscalculation in supporting the so-called rebels.

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    Vladimir Troubetzkoy

    that's why , why japan government sutport theseterrorists ? This a is dishonest from a country which want to stay neutral !! they don't know the real situation in syria and launch sanctions against government !!

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    The West needs to get more involved. On one side we have rebels where no one knows what will happen if they prevail and they are having some problems keeping everyone on the same page. On the other side you have Syria, Russia, and China, all of whom support carpet bombing of cities, which leads me to wonder what kind of people could support this. We've seen the results of the West mostly sitting on the sidelines so far and the result hasn't been good. It's probably going to get worse and in some ways the West and the rest of the world can be blamed for complacency.

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    NeverSubmit: and these car bomb tactics targeted at families and children in their homes and neighborhoods is revolting.

    Assad has a history of using car bombs in his country and elsewhere. it was only a matter of time before they started happening. You can only get so far by sniping peaceful protesters in the head.

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    The state news agency, SANA, said two cars packed with explosives detonated at 6:45 Wednesday morning.

    This was probably written before Assad actually carried out the bombing. With this information he can now expand bombing in all areas. More money for Russia and China. On the other hand the rebels who look to topple Assad are hurt by this.

    The conflict in Syria started 20 months ago as an uprising against Assad, whose family has ruled the country for four decades.

    Assad's answer of violence and more violence has only fueled the fire. The more he bombs neighborhoods, the more he seems to lose control. But my guess is that he'll continue to up the ante and start bombing more, especially with Russian weapons. But no one can deny that the escalation of militant action directly correlates to Assad's use of murder.

    raising fears of a rising Islamic militant element among the forces seeking to topple Assad.

    The Islamic militants were not part of the peaceful protests which started this, but Assad's policy of killing everyone and anyone has opened the door to such people. The West tried to get him to stop the killing but he refused, and now Syria is paying the price for his violence. Imagine Obama ordering the army to open fire on the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Obviously there would be some who would resort to violence as a response.

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