80 Afghan schoolgirls sick in one week; poison feared

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    No-one protests if the Taliban gas their children though... perhaps they are more afraid of the Taliban.

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    I'm sorry but the Taliban deliberately use death on the civilian population as a way to cower and control them.

    This is unforgivable in this life or the next.

    Whether it's organized from the top, or whether it's the work of a lone psychopath, it's sick, sick, sick...

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    What a lovely group of individuals...

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    Anyone have a good link to a reputable school for girls in Afganistan? I've got the urge to give a big cash contribution.

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    There is nothing more terrifying to a Muslim then a woman who is educated. Totally goes against everything they expect their women to be.

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    “Elsewhere in Afghanistan, witnesses said hundreds of people blocked a main road in Logar province, west of Kabul, and burned several trucks to protest what they said were civilian deaths in NATO operations.”

    When the people block roads and demonstrate about the Taliban killing innocent civilians then it will be news, but this orchestrated nonsense is not news, it’s propaganda and no news agency should touch it.

    Smart women have always terrified stupid men and the Muslim men do seem to fear intelligent women, even when they are only 9 years old………

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