Obama meets grief-stricken school shooting families

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    Perhaps Louie Gohmert would like to explain it to the dead children's families.

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    From my prospective he's a domestic terrorist. The media doesn't want to report that. But killing young babies is brutal. How can a person shoot kids. He pre-planned the event.

    It's Christmas time & New Year in American many suicides are Rampant.... People are very depressed !!!!

    He didn't have a caring father, they were separated. Father lived in N.J. or N.Y. the son lived very far away from the father. He is the product of a divorced marriage plus he has some mental issues. He should have received HELP from his condition.

    Seems like his father re-married and had a brand new family. Is that a possibility why he went crazy ? Who knows ? Did he feel alone and neglected by his father ? Was his father in his life ?

    The most important thing we can do is " reflect " our own relationships with people around us. Talk to people or relatives you know that have mental problems or depression.

    Maybe if this kid received a HUG from his father, things would have been alright. Maybe his mother should have never had more than 5 guns in the house. Things would have been alright.

    Serial killers and etc are influenced by books, movies, t.v. shows, video games, military movies, and etc. Doesn't matter !!!!

    Normal people don't come out of watching a movie theater and copy the killings in the movie.

    Crazy people are influenced, by the simplest of things.

    Let's see the REAL problem. Mental Health !!!!

    Doesn't really matter what they watch, listen or read. CRAZY is crazy !!!!!

    In America, American Mental Health Care is not free. It's COSTLY and not free.

    In America, Jail or prison is the answer to people who have mental problems.

    Psychiatrists charge hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for an 1 hour session or etc.

    The mother was a gun enthusiast..... Also the mother took the young man to the shooting range doesn't exactly help the mentally defective 20 year old new life responsibilities.

    Should a 20 year old have access to weapons when he is on high with emotions or has furious anger ?

    My father had weapons guns and bullets all over my house. Once, ( 8yr. old) I was in my parents room and opened the drawer and found a revolver in the dresser drawer. I was smart enough NOT to touch the gun. I knew guns were dangerous. My father taught me Guns are dangerous.

    My father was stupid in leaving a Revolver in the dresser drawer. Luckily I was intelligent enough and not childish to respect my father's belongings.

    For me, I will never buy a gun. Because statics show You are more likely to get killed by ( your own gun ) accident, a crime of passion, suicide by family member, or furious rampage.

    How many parents die by gun violence from their own weapon is staggering. Domestic violence by Gun violence is leading causes of death in America.

    Just recently a couple of weeks ago, a NFL American football player excuted his girlfriend who was holding a baby in her arms, drove to the practice field committed suicide in front of the coaching staff.


    Why did she train her child to shoot weapons if he has Autism ?

    We should ask ourselves - Do we need more than 1 gun in the house or if any firearm in the house when you have a mentally disabled child ? Usually what will happen is an accidental shooting in the house or suicide attempt, probably take out the whole family.**

    If you have a child who has mental disabilities he should get help. Ignoring it or pretending the child is normal will not solve anything.**

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    It is just plain CRAZY to not only have guns, but who in their right mind says, oh yeah my idiot son is crazy so let me see, to appease his crazy ass I will buy him as many guns, rifles, ammo as his crazy, insane, sick twisted mind wants?? So, sorry, no tears for this stupid mother that helped her idiot crazy son end up killing so many innocent children. May both this idiot son and stupid mother burn in hell!

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    For many Americans, guns are the equivalent of Linus' security blanket. It would not bother me a bit if the parents of those dead children launched the mother of all class action lawsuits against the manufacturer of Bushmaster rifles.

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa

    whiskey hit on a couple major issues that bear great relevance, namely the deterioration of the family unit and mental health, while the media frenzy obsesses on the gun issue. It's also foolish to ignore the proliferation of violent -themed entertainment as contributing to the desensitization so prevalent in society today and their detrimental effects on young, impressionable minds particularly. The problems are manifold, systemic, and complex.

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    "It's also foolish to ignore the proliferation of violent -themed entertainment as contributing to the desensitization so prevalent in society today "

    You mean violent-themed entertainment that glorifies gun violence Hervé?

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    So the explosion of more guns on the streets on a daily basis can't have anything to do with this. Must be video games.

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