Australia apologises for sex abuse in military

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    Outta here


    Not really that odd considering the ADF is and was based on the British military model. And incidentally the current minimum age to join the Royal Navy? 15 years 9 months....

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    There was a bit of bastardisation back in the old days, but when I went through it was more psychological.

    There is a reasoning behind it and it is a bit like Japanese society in that the emphasis is on the group....they don't like independent thinkers in the military! Still, no excuse for physical or sexual abuse though.

    JT, we call it our 'Defence Force', note spelling diff.

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    I guess America isn't the only country that has an unusual number of bad apples in its military.

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    I guess America isn't the only country that has an unusual number of bad apples in its military.

    Can be said for nearly all militaries no doubt. The good thing about this is that it has been actually acknowledged. Think of all the cases in other militaries where they have been covered up or told never to speak of it etc.

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    @ AustPaul This has nothing to do with Australia, this is normal. After all, we are talking about people who have agree to letting themselves be educated to become professional mass-murderers. I remember those days in the 60s you write about. Then, it was absolutely no problem to get away with murdering an aborigine right in Sydney.... "....they don't like independent thinkers in the military!" That too, but not just in the military and not just in Australia. All my life I have been flabbergasted at the contrast between the kindness and friendlyness of Australians and their incredible ignorance. Unlike the americans f.e. they actually mean it, when they say, they would like this to stop.

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    @Volland just remember to call the soldiers of your country "mass murderers" when some random attack/natural disaster happens and you're out there having to defend yourself with no assistance and no artillery.

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    Thank you for reminding me, I wrote it down....

    You seem to believe just because you had something beaten in to you, it must be right?

    "Some random attack" does not fall from the sky, if at all it is made by people like you.... And as far as the "natural desaster" goes, I suppose you mean the great help the soldiers were after Fukushima... you are simply ridiculous.

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