Bloodied cricket bat found at Pistorius' home

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    Another OJ Simpson - star athlete surrounded by adoring fans and a 'system' that beds the rules - believes he can get away with murder.

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    Surf O'Holic

    " Police sources close to the investigation told the independent City Press newspaper that Steenkamp’s skull had been “crushed”.

    “There was lots of blood on the bat,” one source told the paper."

    My inquiring mind would like to know who the source is. Is there an official statement or is this from the nameless rumour mill?

    " Another OJ Simpson…"

    With OJ, there was plenty of credible evidence from go, but police incompetence literally let him get away with double homocide, not to mention the race card.

    Was there ever a moment of remorse from OJ? Not.

    Not enough facts about the Pistorius case are available yet, but some are eager to burn him at the stake.

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    According to the UK TELEGRAM police discovered the bloodied cricket bat in Pistorius' home . . . whatever Pistrous' defence may be, the blood on the cricet bat did not come from slicing tomatoes for a sandwich........................................I am tired of all these "entitled" sports hereos and their assumption that they can be violent with impunity !!!!!

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    Surf O'Holic


    The actual source is a local paper that neither quotes nor identifies the police source. An official statement would be more credible.

    If he indeed did intentionally kill his GF, then he deserves the full punishment, but the onus is on the prosecution to prove it, hence "innocent until proven guilty".

    Btw, it also wouldn't be the first time police planted evidence in order to get a conviction.

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    The police won't confirm or deny the report, which is fair enough since the matter is currently under investigation and the public doesn't really need to know.

    So far this case has been surrounded by so much misinformation that one really can't form an opinion. This does, however, illustrate very elegantly the lack of responsibility in the modern media. The media quotes an anonymous source, the police ask who it is, the media claim freedom of the press, the police take them to court and the judge orders the source uncovered, the journalist protects their source and the rest of the papers publicise the hell out of the incident as persecution of the media... eventually the journalist is released... and then after the publicity dies down and the case is over the "source" is revealed to be a wino who lives under a bridge and wears tinfoil hats... but the reporter isn't punished, they just claim the source gave a sworn statement, and the paper sold more copies and made money, so at the end of the day the cycle of systematically lying to the public continues.

    A little accountability for these rumours would be nice.

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    Oscar Pistorius had a history of erratic behavior and he had guns. He should have been smart enough to do away with either the former or the latter.

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    "He should have been smart enough to do away with either the former or the latter."

    The former being nigh on impossible to control. Citizen's are proving time and time again they do not deserve the responsibility of owning firearms, and the moment of madness is in us all, male or female, black or white.

    I'm hardly jumping the gun on this case, the facts seem pretty condemning as they are.

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    If he blew her away he has to pay.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    This guys slept with a 9MM pistol next to his bed, a MACHINE GUN and yes, a nice hard cricket bat in case all else fails?? From other new reports, looks like he also tried to kill her with that cricket bat or SHE tried to defend herself with that cricket bat from his attack, either way, she is dead. Either way, this idiot dork Pistorius is in deep, deep hot water. So any respect I had for this guy is now thrown out the window!!

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    Obviously he is nuts. But, it's all hearsay till the final "official" ruling.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Jforce, she was a BEAUTIFUL woman! How many guys there in South Africa etc..can you imagine had the hots for her?? Maybe she had some kind of fling, messed around with some other guys, this boyfriend finds out, waits for her at his place and goes BEZERK?? Is that too difficult to imagine?? Happens all the time but just does not get this kind of publicity when it is your neighbor, etc...right??

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