Canada to resettle up to 5,000 Iranian, Iraqi refugees

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    Today they are refugees. But tomorrow you will see a different face of them. Go and find what is happening in France and UK. They will stay one place and make a town. Will demand for Sheria law. And internally they will not consider as Canadians. Conversion. Mosque with Minar shouting. Hatred towards the Canadians. Forced Parda to girls. Honor killings. The end of peace in Canada. Unless you make them sign for next ten generations no demand. No parda, no Islamic laws in thier lifes. Giving freedom to leave the religion if anyone wants. No shouting through the mike. No public prayers on the footpaths. Research it from France and UK....

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    Better start MINING the Boarder between Canada & USA.

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    According EU and US experience, refugee will seek free accomodation, free university and free childcare. When they have settled in those nations, they will become ungrateful. 9/11 terrorists are most of the US educated Islamic extremists.They repaid their gratitude with violence and murder. In France and Germany national soccer teams, star players of middle east background enjoying the pay check larger than doctors and professors. However they have never sung the France or German national athem. They are fair weather opportunists. Belgium politicain was murdered due to his outspokeness.

    Canada will no longer be peaceful due to the settlement of ideological people with medieval mentality. Those refugee are motivated for destructive behaviour and racical intolerance. They likes trogen horse which was presented to city of Troy.

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa

    Stupid idea. They wiil not assimilate, but rather spread religion-based intolerance as evidenced in EU, UK, etc.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Not too sure if it is fair to make Canada to be as bad as France or the UK, sure some bad apples but hopefully they will not bring any over to lovely Canada.

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    Why doesnt Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt etc take them in?????

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    realmindJan. 16, 2013 - 10:07AM JST

    SPOT ON, realmind. Germany, Swiss are having problem with them too. It is a cause of social tensions.

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    Wow, took a long time for this to sink in it seems. I'm shocked that many more people are starting to open their eyes to the fact that most immigrants from Islamic countries seem to have a hard time assimilating to their host countries due to the hard-headed, unyeilding mentality of a semi-politically focused religion. Well, now we'll get to see what happens in Canada. Just keep in mind Canadians, that the laws of your country should always super-cede someones "right" to religious beliefs if the actions caused by their religious beliefs violate your LAWs. If their religion calls for them to kill someone for blasphemy, etc, then charge them for violating a person's free speech right and murder. Simply put, maintain the laws that Canadians made for Canada, not Islamic dictate.

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