Car bomb in Iraq kills 27 Shiite pilgrims

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    Great !........This is the 'democracy and freedom' the American boys fought and gave their lives for !................The US should have stopped after Schwartenagger's Desert Storm . . . Now- it like Pandora's Box . . never ending explosive story. . . .And it seems like the innocent who get massacred in the various tribal and sectarian battles.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    ** It targeted worshippers returning from the Shiite holy city of Karbala following the climax of the religious commemoration known as Arbaeden.** This is very important, it is a holy sight for SHIITES, meaning that the SUNNIS must see it as a enemy and a SOFT TARGET, so these killings will keep going on and on, and all the while, next door in Iran, they will only hope and pray that their own country does not fall down the same messy bloody road like Iraq, etc...

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    The Sunnis are hitting back, after Bush handed Iraq to the Shiites. Entirely predictable. The US should never have stepped into to inter-islamic warfare.

    Alas, in Syria, Obama is repeating this tragic mistake now, albeit in reverse (supporing the Sunni radicals).

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    @semperfi from a frontline soldier's perspective dodging bullets and bleeding on order i can understand your opinion but as an american war general or secret service agent (not that i am one ofcourse) i'd say the whole mission in Iraq was succeeded, the region is destabilized, their killing each other and are no longer a threat to the united states. I don't believe in humanitarian motives for wars. So you could say none of them died for nothing. But let me state here (because this is quite the statement ofcourse) that i do not sympathize with war for oil. But i do see what it has achieved. target neutralized, nationally, the question is what will come out of it, will it be the next afghanistan?

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