Cathay probes 'coffee threat' on Thaksin's daughter

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    Cathay Pacific you say? I thought Cathay Pacific have one of those polite stewardess assisting the passengers offering that friendly accommodating smile? just like other airlines you see in the advertisements? Cathay Pacific is also a known famous airline. Knowing this prestigious airplane carries such an immature stewardess who doesn't know how to control her emotions just adds to the bad impression. Cathay Pacific, I think it's time you choose some professional people.

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    I flew Cathay once and had heard about the service, but I was disappointed. I needed something from a FA and they were all just chatting in the service area so I said "excuse me" and the lady actually turned around and asked me to wait so they could finish their conversation. So I just stood there for a minute.

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    Must be the 1 percent in action again. Seems like everyone has problems with them!

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