Chinese trigger Australian baby milk run

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    Darn! Wish I had bought some stock in this company a year ago.

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    "Many Chinese people are suspicious of domestically produced milk"

    They should be suspicious of their communist government too.

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    They should be suspicious of their communist government too.

    I note that a considerable number of Americans appear to be suspicious of their non-communist government. Is there a pattern here?

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Many Chinese people are suspicious of domestically produced milk following a major food safety scandal in 2008 in which six children died and 300,000 others fell ill after drinking milk tainted with the industrial chemical melamine. If I were CHINESE, I would not be happy with not just those Chinese baby formula factories but with the Chinese government too!

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    "“Chinese visitors buy as many cans as they can fit into their luggage to take back to China,”

    And? Is it for sale or not? Who cares who buys it and how much?

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    sounds like a business opportunity....

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    Outta here

    It's also being reported in Australian media that Chinese students in Australia are buying up formula and selling it at double the price.... Not helping the situation greedy bas****. Should deport any caught...

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    Outta here:

    This is basically what is or was happening in Hong Kong and the situation was made worse when the HK government (who everyone now knows reports directly to Beijing) decided to give multiple entry permits to anyone from mainland China. The result is that, not only milk powder, but basically a lot of other goods are bought in bulk, taken by these visitors across the border and sold to middlemen, who then sell to the customers at inflated prices. I don't blame those who don't trust local Chinese products, but this does not help local HK residents who sometimes cannot find these products readily available. The visitors have also caused mayhem and leave so much garbage in the areas close to the border on a daily basis. The mainland Chinese government is intent on turning HK into just another Mandarin-speaking city with restricted freedom of speech. Instead, it should be focusing on how to address the food safety issues and other pressing problems.

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