Clinton says goodbye in global TV interview

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    I have always found Hillary Clinton to be a figure that causes a division of opinions. You either love her or hate her. A bright person who has no political agenda with ambition, smarts and chameleon-like ability to become whom she needs to be. So wouldn't it be nice if she makes a come back and runs for president as many suspect even though she dodges the question. She'll probably fight the good fight once again in four years. I believe that a women can, just as easily as a man be a successful President of the United States. Lots of women are much better with politics than some men in America. There are also quite a few women who are willing to travel to create peace and harmony. One of the main reasons the President was never a women is, some people refuse to stand up for what they believe. A women can do everything a man can do that they put their mind to do and are just as smart and wise as men. After all women do everything that happens day to day. Therefore last call for Hillary however she should have her fun for now.

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    Whoah man, we men make way for a woman!

    Good luck Hillary.

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    Surf O'Holic

    Hillary is indeed a divisive person. Perhaps only slightly less so than Obama. A simple goodbye would suffice.

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    What a war-monger: Iran, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Sudan (split North/South), Yemen, Africom (Africa agenda -just ramping up)

    financial wars: (austerity bound) Iceland (Iceland won), Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Nobody is perfect, so we should be a bit more lenient on this great person, this great woman, who could have almost been the first WOMAN president of the USA, right??

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    badsey3 I gave you a thumbs down because I have no idea what you were trying to say.

    this great woman, who could have almost been the first WOMAN president of the USA, right??

    Could have almost been? It would be more accurate to say that she still could BE the first woman President (in which case Bill would also become the first "First Gentleman").

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    Well, I can't say I'm so happy about her replacement. It's a pretty tough time in the world, and Clinton, despite the garbage being thrown at her from some members of the right wing in her own country, gained some respect during her stint as Secretary of State. I wish Kerry luck, but his skills will need a lot of work, in my opinion.

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