Clock is ticking fast, U.N. climate talks told

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    after the doomsday scenario of global warming money has not been pouring into the coffins of the lawyers who first envisioned it to be the perfect con of the history then they chnaged the name into something that reinforces their motto. See it is simple. When its gets cold, nobody cares for global warming so the name changed into this: CLIMATE CHANGE. And the funny thing is climate change.... So everytime the climate change like there is SNOW STORM they can create news out of it because its caused by climate change. When it gets too hot and dry they can create news that it is caused by climate change.

    But the world is getting wise. A sucker is born for evry minute.

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    Remove clock battery and save the environment please.

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    Kent Mcgraw

    It's all smoke and mirrors, Chiken Little all over again. The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

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    Whatever happened to the May 2005 end of world prediction?

    Unless that prediction was made by climate experts at climate talks, I am at a loss as to why you are asking this question.

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    Actually in the 1970s the rage among "climate experts" was global cooling.

    No, it wasn't. Looks like you are stuck talking about the subject at hand instead of trying slight of hand.

    The supposed "global cooling" consensus among scientists in the 1970s — frequently offered by global-warming skeptics as proof that climatologists can't make up their minds — is a myth, according to a survey of the scientific literature of the era.

    It’s an easy test. Any time you hear someone claim there was a “‘consensus’ panic over ‘global cooling’”3, you know the author has reached for the easy rhetorical point rather than seriously reviewing the problem.

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    Blah blah blah abs more blah. People are getting sick of this alarmist nonsense. They have no proof that they can show us, and history shows us that climate change happens constantly, as it has since the world began. Nothing to get excited about, and certainly nothing to worry about. People like Al Gore are making a mint out of this scam. Interesting that the World Bank are also in on it. Since when did they bcome climate experts, and simce when did they give a damn abiut anything other than making money for themselves? They see in this a way to make megabucks, so they get on the bandwagon, with all the other econutters meeting in Doha for their annual jamboree. I admire Japan and the other countries who are now rejecting the Kyoto Protocol. The Earth has plenty of good natural resources, like coal and oil. Lets use and enjoy them, and forget about these warming nutters and their doomsday announcements. Far too many more important things in life these days. Like finding jobs for people.

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    Thomas Anderson

    Blah blah blah abs more blah.

    Blah blah I still don't see any actual science from you folks.

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    Saul Schimek

    Well live in a dynamic environment that cannot be controlled. Most Volcanic eruptions put out more greenhouse gasses than we will in a year. Give it up and accept that the Environment cannot be controlled in any meaningful fashion

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    ... humans release roughly 135 times more carbon dioxide annually than volcanoes do, on average, according a new analysis. Put another way, humans emit in under three days the amount that volcanoes typically release in a year, according to the best estimates of volcanic emissions.

    Climate change deniers are funny - they're quick to look at profit motives from scientists, who are well-known to be oh, so rolling in money, and yet turn a blind eye to those who bankroll their opposition: Corporations.

    You can pretend that women impregnated by rape can shut down their pregnancy; you can pretend that the world is 6,000 years old; you can pretend that man has no major effect on the environment and, even if he did, could not change it in a meaningful way: All of this pretending does nothing to support idiotic assertions. Garbage in, garbage out.

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    Thomas Haynes

    I wonder how much of this "data" is peer reviewed.

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    Hard to believe some people think storms can be prevented and we can control the earth's climate by emitting less CO2.

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