Crisis looms in U.S. as budget cuts hit on Friday

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    Surf O'Holic

    When is a cut NOT a cut? It's when the so-called cut is in fact a reduction in planned increase.

    The reductions the sequesters require are reductions in the rate of increased spending from those originally planned by Obama and authorized by Congress. Since the federal government has not had a budget in four years, even though federal law requires it to have one every year, these are planned expenditures, not budgetary items, on which the president wants to spend more money. Congress does not feel bound to obey the laws it has written; hence it has disregarded the legal requirement of a budget. Without a budget, the president has great leeway as to how to allocate funds within each department of the executive branch of the federal government.

    Nevertheless, even if these sequesters do kick in, the feds will spend more in 2013 than they spent in 2012. That’s because the sequesters are not cuts to spending; rather, they are reductions in planned increases in spending. The reductions amount to about two cents for every planned dollar of increased spending for every federal department.

    All the hoopla amounts to a scaremongering tactic so often practiced by pols.

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    Our secretary of state today announced he is sending $60,000,000 to the Syrian rebels for food and whatever else they need. Sequestration doesn't apply to rich idiots like him, or perhaps he is borrowing free Ketchup from his wife. Thanks for Surf O'holic above for the real story, this reality is NOT being reported by the press in the USA as they are still thrilled at their support for the first affirmative action President, an incompetent elected because of the color of his skin.

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    Surf: I'm far from an expert regarding debacle, but I have a hard time beliving what you're saying because in 2012 the government could pay me to work 40 hours a week but in 2013, with sequestration, they'll only be able to pay me to work 32 hours. Unless they're robbing Peter to pay Paul, which I wouldn't be surprised...

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    Surf O'Holic

    Menpsycho, as you said,

    " but I have a hard time beliving what you're saying because in 2012 the government could pay me to work 40 hours a week but in 2013, with sequestration, they'll only be able to pay me to work 32 hours."

    Robbing Al et al to pay Peter, Tom, Dick, and Abdul is the problem.

    But I have a tip for you: Get off the government gravy train. Join the productive part of society.

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    $85 billion? Is that all?

    Clearly, few if any on either side are taking cutting the deficit seriously. 

    The GOP, however, needs to be singled out.

    Boehner and co. claim they passed 2 bills to cut the budget. 

    That's right, they did.

    Pity they both expired and the amount under consideration to be cut was only a measly 10% of the $1 trillion+ of the sequestration total.

    Here's a simple solution: why doesn't Boehner simply call another vote on the GOP's budget bill?

    The sorry answer to that is he can, but he won't since he can't jack up enough support to pass it within his own increasingly divided and polarized caucus.

    The GOP has devolved into an aimless, inward-looking incredibly destructive political party that has placed immoveable ideology ahead of America and their fellow man/woman.

    The sooner conservatives wise up to this fact the better.

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    How to tell that a person is a DoD civilian: 20% gross pay cut. The over-all cut is on the order of 2% which would work out to two days off in three months. So, the claim that agriculture products won't get inspected, extra long lines at the airports waiting for the TSA gropers, and traffic delays due to a shortage of ATC people is bogus. However, not all cuts are equal. Those who repair tanks and airplanes for the Army and other military branches will see one day cut out of the work week from late this month to the end of September. The impact on the armed forces is almost certain. This will confirm us that President Carter no longer qualifies as the Worst CEO.

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    This may be bad for the economy but the financial markets have seen it as a giant yawn so far.

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    Seems that it would be easier to raise the debt ceiling like they've always done. After another kick in the teeth I guarantee you'll hear even more Republicans saying they should stop being the "party of stupid." Then those Republicans will be targeted by their own party, especially by the very, very threatening Tea Party groups.

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    "save their parties from public blame"

    Both parties are to blame for this debacle.

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    For Christ's sake, these are the same bufoons who give themselves raises every year!! I'm sick of this crap!!

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    Well that wen't entirely as expected. The news is making a bid deal out of it but anybody that pays attention on even an occasional basis knew that this was going to happen.

    Then those Republicans will be targeted by their own party, especially by the very, very threatening Tea Party groups.

    They are welcome within 3rd party circles...just putting it out there.

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    Shouldn't Republicans be championing the sequester? Spending cuts with no new revenue. Isn't that what they wanted? Are they just trying to get what they want and blame Obama for the hardships? It's hard to understand the Republican position on this since they are a fractured group with many opinions.

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    203 trillion USD is what Medicare and Social Security require to stay solvent over the coming decades. No way is this possible.

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    It's a farce. 85 billion is like beer money. Cut Egypt's 1 billion, and 84 other countries a billion here or there, and it adds up to 85 billion. Nothing. The USA taxpayers are tired of being the cop of the world and the turn-to country.

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