Dennis Rodman tells Kim Jong Un he has 'friend for life'

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    WOW!! Never knew Dennis Rodman had more brains than most of the folk in the Tea Party all rolled up in one! Now just imagine if the Harlem Globe Trotters go do their than, real peace will smile all over the Korean Peninsula!

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    Kim, a diehard basketball fan, told the former Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls star that he hoped the visit would break the ice between the United States and North Korea Ummm ok.

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    Sounds like something from Spies Like us!!! Go figure!

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    110-110 tie huh? Yeah, okay.

    Sounds like the Fat-ass has everything in NK under his control. I wouldn't doubt it if there were guns pointed at the Americans (out of the picture), and they were told what to say, and when to luagh.

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    Peter Payne

    I thought I was reading an Onion article for a minute there.

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    Stephen Knight

    Duffy said he invited Kim to visit the United States, a proposal met with hearty laughter from the North Korean leader.

    I'll bet it was!!

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    Absolutely ridiculous.

    Kim said that "he hoped the visit would break the ice between the United States and North Korea"? If he really wants to break the ice, maybe he should stop diplomatically giving the world the middle finger? Or maybe he should invite a few of his millions of starving citizens to dine at his epic, extravagant feast?

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    Thursday’s game ended in a 110-110 tie

    according to the koreans or the US? chotto ayashii naaa..

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    From ping-pong diplomacy to bong diplomacy. The world has certainly changed since 1971...

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    Good for Dennis.

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    "Thursday’s game ended in a 110-110 tie..."

    "110-110 tie huh? Yeah, okay. Sounds like the Fat-ass has everything in NK under his control."

    "according to the koreans or the US? chotto ayashii naaa..."

    Umm... guys, as Wiki succinctly puts it, "The Harlem Globetrotters are an exhibition basketball team that combines athleticism, theater and comedy." Globetrotter games aren't about winning or losing. They're about the display of some of the more amazing skills possible in the sport of basketball.

    That you seem more fascinated with the veracity of the final score in a game where there were two Globetrotters on each team suggests you may have missed this point.

    If basketball is what it takes to get North Korea out of its shell, then so be it. Some of the world's more notorious world leaders have responded more positively to less.

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    Vernie Jefferies

    Rodman arrived in Pyongyang on Monday with three members of the professional Harlem Globetrotters basketball team, VICE correspondent Ryan Duffy and a production crew to shoot an episode on North Korea for a new weekly HBO series.

    Now I understand why North Korea launched the satellite. They want to see themselves on free HBO.

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    Ping pong diplomacy may be right. If there's a third high profile independent American to go, then something is up - if it isn't already apparent it might be. Let's see if a movie celebrity goes, or someone from the arts.

    As to all the saber rattling the Norks have been doing lately, if they're really playing a deeper rapprochement game, they wouldn't want to do iso from a position of obvious weakness: look, we have nukes, we have missiles, so we can go ahead on "equal" terms. Saving face, at least on the surface. And the face they're saving is the one that peers back at them from the mirror in the morning.

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    Kim Jong Un has a very good taste. People do not know this but Dennis Rodman is very smart and a nice guy. I used to enjoy watching him playing with Michael Jordan. He is still a star and shines!!

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    WOW!! Never knew Dennis Rodman had more brains than most of the folk in the Tea Party all rolled up in one!

    Must you inject politics in every statement you make? How about just giving your opinions as to how you felt about this particular blossoming friendship? Kim Jong Un seems for the most part a bit more willing to have some sort of communication or interaction with the West. These are very small baby steps, but it is something to build hope on.

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    Dennis Rodman handled himself quite well ... and did a better job of being a representative of the U.S. than some U.S.-sponsored "diplomats." He went as a sports star ... and came across quite strong as being such. Good job, Dennis ...

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    A black man in North Korea! Would have loved to see the public's reaction to that.

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    C Harald Hansen

    "The Americans presented Kim with a Harlem Globetrotters uniform"

    Well, he sure could use a little workout...

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    Didn't Rodman go to South Korea to visit the freely elected new president there?

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    I laud the use of sports to open North Korea, but does Ryan Duffy realise that during the banquet he enjoyed many North Koreans dined that same evening on acorns?

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Bass, I did not mean to hurt your feelings nor those of your party (Tea Part??) anyway, I guess we can both agree that we want PEACE over in North Korea??

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Oops, I meant to say Tea Party, not Tea Part, but anyway, yes Mr.Rodman is doing something worthy of respect over in North Korea, IMHO.

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    This is great. It's a good thing. The best reminder that a politician in a suit does not represent the will and spirit of,all the people..

    I said from the day Kim Jong Un took over that politicians from Japan should go over their and break bread with him but they refused. They never gave him a chance. They chose to make an enemy rather than start fresh and mend ties.

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    Politics exploit everything by its weak points.

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    If the Globe Trotters can help open up NK then that's fine. If Rodman wants to continue to make a horse's ... out of himself that's typical. If NK is serious about opening up they have a big hole to dig themselves out of, but why not. But what does any of this have to do with the Tea Party?

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    One can only assume that his visit to North Korea didn't involve a trip to the gulags where up to 200,000 North Korean men, women and children are being subjected to inhuman treatment. I wonder if he'd consider himself best buds with North Korea's strongboy if he saw hundreds of emaciated bodies being worked literally to death in freezing conditions.

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    There is no rule against being stupid or a traitor. Free speech exists in Japan but not in many countries. Maybe it is just the beginning of establishing a relationship like the USA v. USSR sports. Keep an open mind because Rodman-san is clever!

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    in reality every government leader outta go there and hang out and watch a few games with the guy and make friends. Neighborhoods sure do a lot better when people are friendly and develop an understanding an mutual goals. He is a kid that just needs a friend. Friendship wow what a concept. Good job getting the ball rolling Dennis. I would be friends with either one of them anytime. Why not. I have always been able to positively influence just about every friend that i have ever had. friendship is a good thing.

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    they are both invited ot my home in Orlando Florida. I have two Lamborghini Gallardos and they are welcome to drive them around and we can also go out to Disneyworld and see a Magic Game or two. I am sure Dennis can get us into the Game. I'll handle the rest. I have an entire collection of fine and rare vehicles including some Guinness World Records. And then we'll take him to Lake Havasu and party on the river and maybe 3 or 4 days in Miami. A week with Dennis and I and North Korea will only want to PARTY. And we will.

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