Dutch, Britons, Germans warned to leave Benghazi

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    Only seems like yesterday that Benghazi was being hailed as the shining example of the new, free Libya.

    Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria....................hardly a succes story is it?

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    all these mediaeval countries should be left to regress to their desired state of development.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    If I had just seen the USA embassy attacked, the USA embassy blown up etc...would I stick around there in Libya?? HELL NO! What are these fools from Germany and the UK thinking?? That Al Qaeda only hates America and Israel??

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    If it's some kind of gratitude, it helps guarantee that help from the international comunity will not be forthcoming next time.

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    Aaarrrgggghhh... that should have been 'community'. Where's the edit button?

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