Fourth Briton jailed in Bali over cocaine

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    no sympathy here. they knew the consequences of drug possessions in south east asia. SAYONARA!

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    seems like the leader of the gang escaped with his life?

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    What a cheek, sueing the British government. Can't she read the immigration cards that say "Death to drug traffickers"? That Ponder looks like he is behind it; he must have paid some big bribes to avoid the death sentence, something his mule couldn't afford.

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    Must be good money in this stuff if they are taking it all the way to Bali. Wonder how much a gram costs there.

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    Generally people take drugs because they want to change there lives and want to fit in or escape, relax or relieve boredom or maybe to rebel or either experiment. They think that drugs are a solution but eventually drugs becomes the problem. In reality Indonesia has a very serious penalty for serious drug offenders and there are always Westerners stranded in jail for drug convictions, abandoned by country and friends. This is a classic case of a person learning the hard way not being wise having made the wrong choice dealing with drugs. It's probably no longer easy to bribe your way out of a drug bust therefore he will need a good attorney. However with life there are no guarantees.

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    High risk = high return

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    WTF?? No death penalty for this trash from Brighton?? Do hope they catch him later and let him hang!!

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    Why is she suing the British government? Doesn't she have more pressing matters to deal with ie pending firing squad..

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