French court overturns 75% tax on super-rich

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    Much ado about nothing.

    Other than the fact only, what was it - 1500 citizens - are actually elligible to pay the tax, this was nothing but Window dressing from the amateur hour, champagne socialist government that is running out of excuses and failing to hide their incompetence as they have for nine months on the predecessor.

    It was in fact but a ruse to get the hysterical radical left on board. Where are you now, all of those pre-election posters that have vanished from JT? Heh, as the elitists rewrite the laws to suit themselves....

    The only question now is can hollande finish his term, or will France, the sick man of Europe, collapse first?

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa

    "eligible to pay the tax"

    Ha! That's amusing wording. What an honor to have such eligibility!

    Socialism inevitably leads to national bankruptcy. History is the evidence.

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    1500 people out of 62 million Hervé? Do you want to work out how many peanuts this will pay for monkeys or do you.need some help?

    France has always had sélective socilaism. The deluded left-wing masses think France is some sort of eutopia failing to realize they swapped royalty for senators and the rest of the elite and that the once glorious nation is bankrupt and a breath from a Greek scenario...

    Which to you, who clearly doesn't really know anything about France, means big business continues to be left well alone and the small to medium entrepreneur picks up the tab for the demented socialist experience.

    Sure the same happens in the UK as we've seen with the likes of google ans starbucks, but at least in the uk an employee costs roughly 20 cents of every euro you give 'em, not 1.20€ for every 1€ you pay them as in the French backwater....

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    Peter Payne

    I would not live in a country that tried to take 75% of my income. I the global world we live in there are tons of choices I would make first.

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    It's not a 75% tax on your entire income. It's 75% of income over 100 million euros. I'd be happy to pay that if I were earning that much

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa

    " Do you want to work out how many peanuts this will pay for monkeys or do you.need some help?"

    It's a drop in the ocean. But it's just the point. Honestly, France has always been a mess. Nothing new. Of course, you're the resident expert. C'est la vie!

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa

    " I'd be happy to pay that if I were earning that much"

    Easily said when one has no skin in the game.

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    No wonder Hollande is embattled.

    "the country's mounting fiscal problems"

    Would this have anything to do with the country's socialists?

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