Hotel altercation sparked Vegas shooting

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    So he was an "aspiring rapper" and automatically started wasting his money like a fool, unless it was a rental. In my neighborhood I always see these youths and youngbloods always trying to live the dream and hoping to become famous in a day. Nothing wrong with dreaming but most of the one's I've seen stay in the dreams and don't do what it takes to move forward in case things don't work out. Reminds me of The Boondocks "Thugnificent" who made it to the top and blew his money only to fall hard.

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    Surf O'Holic

    " opened fire on a Maserati driven by an aspiring rapper…"

    Let's see, racing down the drag in the bling-bling, those in the SUV didn't like getting dissed by those in a Maserati after some mouthing off in front of a hotel. Sounds like something from a numbskull movie script.

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    Huh? What, that's it? I just read this whole article hoping to find out what the title was promising.

    This is all there is in the article, folks.

    Quote: "Sheriff Doug Gillespie said the shooting was sparked by an argument in the valet area of the nearby Aria hotel-casino."

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    I do not want to point out the obvious but why is it that some parents say, no no my kid was no gangster, my son he was just a little angel, couldn't hurt a fly, blah, blah, blah..RAPPER?? Maseratti?? 4 am in Vegas, messing around, showing off, pisses another "rapper", they pull out their NRA approved UZIs etc..and RIP...This goes for all parents, of all colors, nationalities, flavors etc...if your kid looks like a rapper, dresses like a rapper, sings about shooting, killing, being tough etc...guess what???? YUP, some others will want to pop your "little angle" pop, pop, pop up side their head, blowing it all up and all over their fancy new shiny cars bought with??? My gut feeling, DRUG $$$$, you wanna live it up in Vegas etc..not as fun as the movies, tv makes it out to be, or better to watch COPS, Reality TV etc..if you want your kids to not end up like these wise guys.

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