Indian gang-rape victim cremated; was due to marry in Feb

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    I hope this girl's death was not in vain, that this motivates the good people of India to unite against these monsters who are now roaming the streets and back alleys of their country. Hunt them down and kill them like dogs. Preferably in public. Yes, may this poor girl, RIP

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    Her death has prompted government promises of better protection for women, and deep soul-searching in a nation where gang-rapes are a daily occurrence and sexual harassment is routinely dismissed as “Eve-teasing”.

    I don't get places like India and other 3rd world places. They selectively abort female fetuses so that a family can have a male child born since a female comes with it an associated high dowry to be given when they are married. Thus there's an imbalance in the male/female ratio. Then, they look at women who may have been victims or sexual assualt crimes as having brought it on themselves or having brought shame to their families, and don't consider them marriage material. Then when it comes time for them to marry, there aren't enough women to go around so they get in a frenzy and do vile things like this, and the circle keeps going.

    I feel very sad for the young lady who did nothing wrong and wound up dead, as well as her boyfriend who was beaten in the attack. Since they are in custody, I would only recommend a qucik trial, and a quck execution, which is done slowly to make others aware of the barbarity of their crimes. This would not be an execution case that an organization like Amnesty Int. needs to look into. These bums need to be exterminated.

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    My god this story just gets worse and worse. I don't pity the criminals at all, and they are going to face the full brunt of the law so the government can save face and look like they are doing something. My only hope, as I've said, is that this truly promotes change and the issue isn't just swept under the rug once this one instance is dealt with. This poor young woman's life can never be given back, and her loved ones will always suffer, but hopefully at least it can result in some progress and protection for people where it has been grossly overlooked until now.

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    Unfortunately, it will take generations to solve the rape crisis but a start could be made with stronger laws, more prosecutions and longer prison terms. Also the setting up of rape crisis centres so that the victims have somewhere to go to get help.

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    Seirei Tobimatsu

    Root of problem is poor unloved boys growing into angry men hating what's beyond their reach and not fearing death as life for them is hell anyway.

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    It's a terrible and tragic ending for this young poor lady. At least a whole nation seems to have finally woken up to this serious and growing problem. I seriously hope they take this issue very seriously and make changes for Womens rights and protection. What has happened is very barbaric.

    I hope the six thugs who committed this evil act get dragged through the streets naked and beaten. Sometimes barbaric savages need to be treated like barbaric savages. Sending them to prison for life is just too nice!

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