Iran says it has captured a foreign enemy drone

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    Iran often makes questionable statements.

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    Steve Christian

    And Iran has captured a drone before and America has violated many nation's airspace and sovereignty including Iran's.

    I think I will wait and see since we are dealing with governments beyond the privilege of trust.

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    Iran often makes questionable statements.

    and U.S. silence adds uneasiness to such claims.

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    Kyle Alpert

    Most interesting part is Iran's claiming to have taken over the navigation system. Also, their referring to cruise missiles as 'unmanned suicide bombers' doesn't help them one bit. Or is that just another case of misleading translation turned propaganda like that 'wipe Israel off the map' bit the MSM keeps repeating. In any case, the prospect of Iran soon having a fleet of sophisticated drones, based on captured US tech is interesting...

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    Graham DeShazo

    Unfortunately, with Iran and N Korea playing tag-team in missile and nuclear development, I fear that a two front war may be in the offering at the very time when the U.S. military is in need of a prolonged period of retraining for large-scale warfare and rearmament to replace worn equip.

    Unfortunately the money is not there and the U.S. may not be able to dictate the timing of events. Sure makes me wish that the Bush administration had listened to Shinseki and Powell about the proper staffing for invading a country. If they had then it is likely that the U.A. Would have been out of both Iraq and Afganistan sometime around 2005.

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    David Quintero Navarro

    Iran is no problem. Why?? Oh so the USA does not have enough $$$, hahaha, don't worry, it is INVESTING that $$$ in the 51st USA state called, ISRAEL, if Iran gets a bit too big for its pants, well, you all get the picture, don't you??

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    The USA must come clean on what the Tea Party really is doing to North Korea, so I guess I agree with Graham.

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    This reminds me of the Iraqi news reports during Desert Storm II loudly announcing that Iraq was beating the invaders easily!!

    The encryption on those drones is so intense that it would take a hundred super-computers a hundred years to break it. The bland announcement that, "We were able to get one enemy drone to land." just rings so insanely false that I cannot believe that anyone with an IQ in the double-digits would believe it for a second. I mean it sounds like the Iranians just flagged it down, or put out a sign saying "Free pizza" and waited for it to land to take a bite and then threw a net over it Wylie Coyote-style.

    The CIA couldn't be bothered to respond to this sort of nonsense. I mean seriously, do you expect them to respond to every single crackpot claim from Iran? If they did then Iran would be sure to issue them 10 times daily and laugh as some poor CIA official had to explain that, "No, Iran has not conquered the CIA headquarters and turned it into a day care. I repeat, we do not offer day care to the general public. Please do not drop your children off here. If you have dropped your children off then please come and collect them.".

    Of course the U.S. public is so used to their government lying to them that it can't say anything and be believed. Deny it and a million citizens will shout, "Ah! Proof!", confirm it and ten million will cry, "Ah! Proof!", say nothing and a couple of hundred thousand devoted conspiracy theorists will rub their hands and say, "Ah! Suspicious!".\

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    An article on the Huffington Post website at now states "Iran Drone Capture Denied By Revolutionary Guard. Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard is denying that it captured a foreign unmanned aircraft during a military exercise in southern Iran." Actually, if Iran had captured a drone by taking control of its navigation system, IMO, it wouldn't be smart security-wise to announce to the world that it had the capability to do so.

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